Staying inspired: It ain’t so hard!

by Laetitia Wong 



Happy Monday everyone!

Now before you start brandishing your rulers and office what-nots in preparation to whup me for my glorified Monday-appreciation (when the rest of the world’s busy filling up those coffee cups of theirs), check out these 5 simple tips to getting and staying inspired throughout the week.




1. Drink a glass of water bright and early in the morning

Start the day fresh with a nice, crisp glass of aqua. It helps in your body’s natural detoxification, and rids your system of any unwanted bacteria and toxins.


2. Move and sweat

Be it parking your car on the ground level and taking the stairs up to your 7th floor office space, or parking right around the corner from the mall and having to walk back and forth while getting your groceries, try clocking in at least 30 minutes of sweat-induced exercise every single day to keep those endorphins up!


3. Plan your day with your top 3 tasks

Make a list of the 3 most important things that you would want to accomplish that day.Not only will it keep you in track, but you’d feel a lot more satisfied striking each item off your to-do list, thus feeding your sense of accomplishment.


4. Indulge in your favourite things

Be it indulging in a small sliver of chocolate every now and then, or browsing the net for some of your favourite movie reviews on the net, cat video spoofs or just your daily dose of Reddit jokes, go for it! After all, laughter is the best medicine.


5. Express gratitude

Say thank you. It doesn’t matter to whom, but expressing gratitude makes way for an increase in positive thinking, which only leads to better things to look forward to.

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