To hell with The Notebook, try these!

by Laetitia Wong 

Personally, my hunky significant other is usually extremely adverse to the idea of having to put on ‘something nice’ and being jammed amongst a clamourous crowd and forced to enjoy the merriment that is an atypical ‘date night’.

Be it waiting for traffic lights, queuing up for public restrooms to standing in line for our reservations at our pre-booked over-priced restaurant, I’ve seen his eyes narrow too many a time to understand that being code for: Please don’t make me suffer.

Akin to many other couples thinking of where to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, he brought up the idea of staying at home and potato-ing out on the couch with a bunch of movies instead. (And by potato-ing, we’re talking bare face, granny bun, lounging in lumpy PJs shorts and boyfriend’s shirt complete with the glorious pit stains)

Still, it was a refreshing break from our regular date night: I was game.


1. Brokeback Mountain


Health Ledger and Jack Gyllenhaal explore the forbidden love as gorgeous cowboys – Cling onto your man as you sob pitifully at Gyllenhaal’s astounding portrayal of being constantly rejection, enthralling audiences with the sheer love a person can give.


2. The Shawshank Redemption


Based on the highly acclaimed Stephen King novella, this tells a story of an innocent man who is sentenced to two life sentences in prison for the alleged murder of his wife. Inspirational, motivational and downright quotable, it’s a moving movie that truly teaches us to appreciate life as it is, and it’s never too late to give thanks for today.


3. Big Fish


A dying father tells his son the tales and myths of his younger self. It’s filled with the stuff from dreams, with beautiful Siamese twin sisters in Qi Paos, misunderstood friendly giants, mystical mermaids, witches and their crystal ball eyes. Immaculately filmed and styled, Big Fish is definitely one of Tim Burton’s finest.


4. Mr Nobody


Science fiction dramas don’t usually work as well as Mr Nobody did, but Mr Nobody’s makes for a wondrous exception. Set in a world where the human race has achieved quasi-immortality, the story revolves around Nemo and his non-linear narrative. The many-worlds interpretation style of the film may strike one as confusing at first, but every second of the movie’s 157 minutes is worth the watch.


5. The Butterfly Effect


Ever wonder how small differences could’ve led to the swift alternation of a person’s destiny? The Chaos Theory plays host to the movie’s central theme, with Ashton Kutcher playing a surprisingly good ‘serious’ role as a college student who has the ability to inhabit his younger body. Intensely thought-provoking, this is one that’ll leave you at the edge of your seat.

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