Our favourite low-cal snacks!

by Laetitia Wong 


You could spend all day on that Treadmill, or practically kill yourself on the Stairmaster, but if you’re snacking as much as you’re wanting to lose weight, you ain’t doing yourself any good. 

Most of our snacking habits are far from healthy, and opting for a Polka Green Tea as compared to a Coke, is literally the dumbest thing you could do. Bottled drinks like that are laden with tons of sugar to artificially sweeten the drink. And look carefully, it’s not actual green tea, but rather green tea flavouring!

Nevertheless, here are the three golden tips you can take if you’re hell bent on snacking:


1. Snack, but snack right

Don’t sacrifice your snacks to cut the calories. In actual fact, snacking gives your body a chance to refuel in between meals. It’s always better to have 5 small meals a day than 3 huge ones. (Goodbye, Ban Mian!) Healthy snacks such as fruit, wholegrain cereal and nuts such as Almonds keep your body in the fat-burning zone. Tip: Steer clear of all the alleged ‘health bars’ and try reading the Nutritional label for once.


2. Milk and cereal go hand in hand

It’s creamy, sweet and thoroughly filling – My S.O and I are devout worshippers of the grain that is cereal. It feels completely indulgent, but they are really a combination of healthy fats and tons of fiber. Not only does it curb any cravings in an instant, but a single-serving increases your body’s fat-burning ability and keeps you full for a longer period of time.


3. Edamame

Salads are all good and well, but it takes time to prepare a tasty salad for two (or however many of you are on a diet). Try this: A cup of edamame meets one-third of both your daily fiber and protein needs, and they go really well plain! In addition, research has shown that sucking the little green pods right out from the shells sends a signal to your brain that you’re full faster, given you can see the remnants of your food.

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