Our Top-10 favourite movie magic moments: The Countdown begins

by Laetitia Wong



It’s been a real heat-fest here in Singapore, as we approach the middle of March. No more rainy sleep-ins or fun in the sun afternoons by the pool, unless you don’t mind emerging from your bake sesh medium rare.


Still, thanks to modern day inventions like the Air-conditioner, or what Singaporeans would like to refer to as the “Eh-Kon”, it’s made our heatwave bearable, especially if you’re staying indoors.


Things we like to do indoors: Youtube, Sleep, Movies, Movies, Movies. So without further ado, here are our top 10 favourite movie moments of 2014 to date, enjoy!


10. Guardians of the Galaxy: Baby Groot

Even my gruff hulking muscle of a dad had to admit: This was pretty darn adorable.



9. X-men: Days of Future Past: Quicksilver’s Run

Peter Evans, aka our American Horror Story star, plays Quicksilver, a sprightly (read: annoying) lad with wondrously bleached hair and an attitude to match.

giphy-2 giphy-3 giphy


8. Gone Girl: Amy Dunne’s Monologue

Watching the cool girl take control of her own life, explaining the process of how she framed her lying cheating husband for her murder, all in that ultra laid-back vibe and a delightfully husky voice – We’re officially in love with Rosamund Pike. Plus, we’ve gotta say: Love the bob.



7. Maleficent: The uncanny likeliness to our favourite 1959 Disney animation

She’s Angelina Jolie. Enough said.


“Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on a spindle… And die.”


6. Kingsman: The Secret Service: Taran, oh Taran.


All my single (and taken) girlfriends admit that by far, their favourite part of the British action-film would be Taran Egerton’s cheeky wink at the end of the film – Even bypassing all that earlier pug love. Wow.


5. John Wick: Keanu’s comeback


We’ve missed Neo from the Matrix, and we’re glad to see Keanu back with a couple of butt-bustin’ moves. Even if he’s a little hairier. Still, we’re loving anything with adorable fluff, even more than kicking ass.


4. Divergent: Four and Tris – The Kiss

Oh, finally. Since Ryan and Rachel’s makeout in The Notebook, we’ve been on the hunt for a great makeout scene. Here’s our favourite! The dystopian element lends a certain “Carpe Diem” urgency to the whole kiss doesn’t it? Plus, kudos to the director for making Theo lose the shirt. Your female fan-base thanks you.



3. Jupiter Ascending: Mila Kunis’ wardrobe

The movie bombed, but the 1.3 million Swarovski crystals used to create the 24 elaborate costumes in the sci-fi letdown didn’t. Damn Kunis, we’re jealous.



2. Interstellar: The effects

Hey, with a budget of US$165 million, what do you expect? (We’re looking at you too, the Wachowski brothers!)



1. Big Hero Six: Baymax

It’s impossible to pick one favourite Baymax moment, given how damn adorable that big white marshmallow is. Trust us, we’ve tried picking just one. These are just a couple of our favourite Baymax scenes – Get ready for #thefeels!



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