Icona Pop’s New Fashion Suicide Music Video

by Laetitia Wong



Personally, I’ve watched many a horror film in my mere 20-odd years here on God’s Green earth, and I can safely assure you that I do not scare easily. Sure, springing up behind me will definite shock, but hey, at least I don’t scream and start throwing tantrums about it. Icona Pop’s newest single “Emergency” is blowing our minds with their horror-themed macabre-eque music video, and I’ve gotta say, it’s been giving me the Heebie Jeebies. *shivers*


Oh, but frightened people can react incredibly hilariously sometimes. Just check out Ellen’s Halloween prank on her staff, Andy and Amy here. I dare you not to laugh.

But having sat through Icona Pop’s “Emergency”, online fashion portals are hailing it as fashion-meets-suicide. Tiny cramped rooms, black body bags, gothic makeup and radical chop-shop stylish garb; we’re all over this. It’s our new ‘baby’ – Sorry, Justin Beiber. It’s fun, it works, and these Swedish electropop sisters from mister are blowing our minds. Remember their top charters ‘I Love It’ and ‘All Night’ that spanned clubs across the globe and turned them into head-banging rave fiestas? Well, you’d probably hold an intervention and I still wouldn’t let this one go – It’s my new addiction.

Check it out, and you’ll get what I mean:



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