Movie Review: Cinderella, 2.5/5


Yes yes, we contend to most of fan-requests that Cinderella would have much better been played by the voluptuous (and very very blonde) Scarlett Johansson, but Director Kenneth Branagh decided with Ella James instead, so we’ve really no choice but to go along with it. Oh well.

And although many parents’ concern that this non-musical medley would have a modern more ‘NC16′ spin on the classic 1950 Disney animated fairytale, Director Branagh (or better known to all of us as Professor Gilderoy Lockhart) was true to his word when he mentioned in a former interview before the release of the movie, where he stated that the live action film would ‘close to identical’ to the animated film.

In other words, the film begins with the classic “Once Upon a Time” and ends off with the drastically clichéd “Happily Ever After”, complete with the fairytale kiss in the huge-a** castle. Although, akin to 50 shades, the casting directors of Cinderella really could’ve done better when it came to choosing a more compelling male lead. Sure, Richard Madden has a good jawline and all that, but he’s hardly Prince Charming material. Not to mention each time he whips his curly head around, all we’ve got shrieking in our heads is “Robb Stark! Robb Stark!” (Game of Thrones reference, for those who were curious)

The setting and plot is all good, I mean what can really go wrong when you’re sticking to the same ole’ plot? James’ portrayal as the kind-hearted Cinderella is believable, with her classic “I’m so sorry” face and gentle demeanour. But rather, it’s Cate Blanchett that’s got the audience all babbling about in hushed tones. Not only had Blanchett got us falling in love with her with her performances in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Elizabeth, but her crimson lips and fiery eyes in this one only made us fall for her even more. We’re absolutely transfixed by her demonic portrayal of the evil stepmother; her classy airs mixed in with her predator-like demeanour is utterly spellbinding, we could hardly keep up. She’s gorgeous in every take, even when she stays mum.

All in all, Cinderella was a fairly enjoyable watch. Perfect for a long day at work, you just slip into your theatre seat and turn your brain off. It’s not that hard to keep up with. Truth be told though, if you’re looking for an evening of engaging plot twists and riveting action, we strongly encourage Maleficent. Hell, even Frozen was cooler than this (no pun intended)


PG, 113 minutes

Cinderella is now showing in theatres


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