5 TV shows to binge watch your way through February

by Laetitia Wong 


It’s neither a holiday nor are we celebrating yuletide joy. Heck, we’re powering through a sweltering February, stuck with the exhaust of countless bus rides, massive #OOTD influxes, and tiring gym sessions that we drag our butts to in order to engage in that pre-Chinese New Year pineapple tart debauch.

Nonetheless, there’s no better time than the present. Forget about holiday cheer and deck the halls, and start traipsing around the living room in your Totoro onesie you got from Bugis Street, lounging back in front of your handy Macbook Pro as you arm yourself with your favourite snacks, drinks and cellphone (in the event you fail to leave your house for a couple of days and your friends text to check if you aren’t dead yet) – All within arm’s range, of course.

Here are 5 of our favourite television series that we’d encourage you to pig out to. Drama, comedy, love and lies, it can’t get any better than this.

The binge-watch: Engage.


1. The Big Bang Theory

BY FAR the funniest running television series on the air. Creator/writer Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady probably had no idea how big of a wave it made in the nerd community when it premiered in 2007. The Big Bang Theory was a massive hit, having exceeded all our expectations, giving us wave after wave of crippling laughter with each new episode. It’s fresh, unique, incredibly scientifically accurate, and it’s anything but NORMAL.

Don’t even try to make us pick a favourite character – That’s like forcing a parent to choose a favourite child. Sheldon’s constant ‘Bazingas’ and OCD habits are cooky, Leonard’s asthma and hit-and-miss relationship with Penny is absolutely entertaining, Raj’s metrosexuality is hilarious and his selective mutism pitifully infantile, while Howard’s jewish droll and morbidly obese mother is played with satire that rivals 80’s slapstick.

Our favourite episode: We return to genesis. It’s fair to say that we’ve been hooked since the very first episode (aired September 2007), where the very blonde and very sexy Penny moves into the apartment opposite the lovable weirdos Leonard and Sheldon. Sperm Banks, dibs on the left side of the couch, returning home without pants and hulking ex-boyfriends; I cannot hard sell this enough. Watch it.




2. Modern Family

If you are one of droll humour, goofs, family comedy, dry sarcasm, explicit lovey dovey-ness, and Sofia Vergara’s boobs, this is for you. You can watch it, and then rewatch it, and finally admit that this series is both a physical and emotional investment. Also, Vergara’s heel game will make you want to rethink slipping into those ballet flats for your next date. How good would you look in those Louboutin knockoffs? Probably not as good as Vergara, but you can try.

Resident on-screen gay couple Cam and Mitchell are utterly adorable, with Cam’s dramatic flutter and Mitchell’s brand of tongue-in-cheek jocularity.

Our favourite episode: Halloween time with the Dunphys is nothing but AWESOME. Mama Claire creates a spooky haunted house and delegates spooky roles to each and every member of the family. Gloria (Vergara) is teased for her strong Columbian accent, to the point where she adopts a ridiculous American accent. Score!



3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Oh sheesh, where are we supposed to begin with this? First and foremost, IT’S JENNIFER ANISTON. With a dizzying array of Murphy Law situations, this 90’s sitcom makes you remember what it was like before the Technology wave, what with the huge black phones, dungarees, overalls, and have you checked out Matt Leblanc’s shooshy bowl cut? Oh lord, thank god the days of gel on gel are over.

Watch it, you won’t regret it. And if you HAVE watched it? Watch it again.

As Lisa Kudrow so aptly stated in an interview, “The 6 of us are far stronger than just one person.” True, and true.

Our favourite episode: This is a tough one, but if we had to pick, we’re going with the one with the Prom Video. Or to be more exact, the fourteenth episode of the second season of Friends. We’re not obsessed, just ardent. Rachel discovers that Ross intended to take her to her high school prom over a decade ago, ultimately proving Phoebe’s quirky Lobster Theory. Awww.



4. Orange Is The New Black

Hey hey hey, for all you long-distance lovers out there looking for a perk-me-up, there is no better way to lift your spirits than Piper and Larry’s tragically dismal relationship embarking on a continuous downward spiral. With Piper in prison for the next year and a half and in an on-again-off-again love-hate affair with former lesbian lover Alex Vause (swoons), Larry’s getting busy with Piper’s best friend Polly (say what?!). Seriously though, there’s nothing like an on-screen shitstorm to remind you of how lucky you are NOT to be in jail.

Our favourite episode: Piper gets out of confinement for bad behaviour and gets hit by a sudden wave of Carpe Diem, and runs up to Alex and kisses her… What happens next is the reason for the show’s huge global LGBT fan-base, if you managed to catch my heavy drift.



5. Breaking Bad

Speaking of jail, there’s no stopping this bad boy from cooking his renowned sheets of blue crystal. It’s a dark comedy so good that it was reported that fans from across the globe bawled their eyes out as the series came to a close. The concept of the show is downright ridiculous, but it works! I mean, my chemistry teacher was a pale lady who weighed about 40kg who always smelled of onions and cheese.

I can say no more, but rather end with a final note that once you start the journey with the inseparable loons White and Pinkman, you’d be clearing up your Google Calendar for the week. Trust us. You. Will. Not. Stop. Grab your boyfriend, a steamy cup of milo, and get ready for the epic time of your life. (Word to the wise: You’d be finding it hard to find a comparable television show to match up to this entertainment when you’re through.)

Our favourite episode: We’re a fan of both the gory bits and the droll comedy. So we’re gonna go with the desert tortoise trudging on by with a severed head on it’s back, before both tortoise and severed head goes BOOM and ricochets sky high in a huge explosion. Like we said, ridiculous, but it works.


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