5 of the biggest cinematic plot twists that still has us reeling!

Undoubtedly, the 2 trillion dollar entertainment industry has proven more than it’s worth, having become synonymous with it’s glamorous title. With a ridiculous range of genres, from film to television. slapstick to standup,

Now, dispense with the pleasantries – We’re jumping straight into it! Here are our favourite top 5 cinematic plot twists that’s still got our panties in a bunch:


1. Psycho


“Norman… Oh Norman!” The 1960 Hitchcockian chilling trailer really threw us audiences into a giant spin when it first debuted in theatres back in the good ole’d days. (Hi mom!) With the seemingly normal Norman Bates revealed to be both the killer and at the same time cross-dressing as his elderly mother (complete with the wretchedly haunting voice), kudos to Anthony Perkins for freaking us out, even over half a decade later. Ooh, but if you’re a fan, do remember to check out the modern rehash of the film, having been made into a television series titled Bates Motel, starring Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga.


2. Memento


Oh, how gorgeous Guy Pearce was back then. Of course, this was before Adam Shankman’s Bedtime Stories (Starring Adam Sandler), where Pearce portrayed a greasy ass-kisser and as Sandler’s potential rival. Back to Memento, Pearce was ultimately revealed as the ‘villain’ as he unveiled the truth: As a person suffering from short-term memory loss and having been on the hunt for his wife’s killer for the past couple years, it turns out that he’s already killed the man responsible, but let himself voluntarily forget the details of the murder, in order to give his life a purpose.


3. Planet of the Apes


Hey, Markie Mark! We have to admit, the 1968 version of the film is exponentially better than the 2001 remake of the film. Still, Mark Wahlberg’s muscles make the 2-hour film a worthy watch. Still, that’s besides the point. The premise revolves around an space explorer (Wahlberg) who slips through a crack in space and ends up crashing his ship on a world dominated by apes. Having endured a whole ape-human rebel war thing to get the humans off this godforsaken planet, the ultimate plot twist unveils itself, revealing that the humans were on Earth the entire time.


4. The Sixth Sense


With Bruce Willis acting as the concerned psychologist attempting to help a troubled young boy (Haley Joel Osment) overcome his fears of being able to see ghosts, Willis is ultimately revealed to be a ghost himself, having been killed by a deranged former patient over a year ago. One of my favourite movies on replay, it makes for a perfect midnight movie.


5. Shutter Island


Ah, finally a modern piece. Released in 2010, the movie’s a colourful masterpiece when it comes to memory regression starring modeliser heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio. Dammit Hollywood, just give the man an Oscar already! There’re so many reasons why this is awesome, but the final scene is by far the best. It’s revealed that DiCaprio isn’t the Federal Agent that he claims to be, but rather a patient of the psychiatric ward that he’s investigating, having shot his insane wife who killed his three children.

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