A moment on the lips, an eternity on the hips

by Laetitia Wong 


If you’re familiar with the above phrase, chances are you’ve been on one of those fad diets, or at the very least been criticised for your weight one time or another. It’s been the ‘skinny mantra’ of dozens of fitness gurus and celebrities in Hollywood, having trickled it’s way into online networking sites like Tumblr and Pinterest over the years.


I still remember seeing the phrase on one of my fitness-crazed classmates back in Secondary School. She had put it into the ‘About Me’ section of her MySpace profile – Yep, remember that? All those repetitive sparkly pixelated backgrounds twinkling and causing photosensitive epilepsy across the globe.


Personally, I’ve always been the class’ fat kid. I mean, I’ve never been Monica fat, but damn it really does suck being the tall kid with giant bones. I have to admit, I’m a dead ringer for Wang Tsu Hsien (also known as Joey Wong), an old Cantonese actress in the 80s – At least, that’s what everybody over the age of 45 tells me.


Still, despite being the doppelgänger for some famous Hong  Kong actress, I’ve never been born with a waif-like structure (like she was). Instead, I’ve been so good-naturedly blessed with a strong build, amazonian height with muscular thighs and a predisposition for whatever I eat to drop right to my ass and skip my waist altogether.


I’ve never been one of those people who could eat whatever they wanted and remained a size 2 (not that I’ve ever been a size 2, sadly), nor was I particularly into sports as a kid. To be honest, I gave my P.E teacher hell when it came to making up excuses to sit out during that dreaded hour-long session at the school courtyard.


Nonetheless, not being blessed with the “skinny genes” actually revealed itself as a blessing in disguise as the years went by. My baby fats (well, most of them I’d say) eventually melted away and I learnt that to maintain a healthy-looking frame, one had to combine exercise and a proper diet and nutrition.


It’s like that saying went, “Abs are built in the kitchen, not the gym.” It’s true, I mean I never even knew everyone had abs hidden underneath a sizeable layer of blubber till my S.O so graciously hinted it to me one evening during dinner.


So really, if you’re having a rough patch trying to shed a couple of extra pounds, or morbidly obese (like my thighs were back in Secondary school, before I knew that the stairmaster and squats existed), these are a few tips that you can abide by!



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