A guide to active wear: Curvy Edition

by Laetitia Wong 


It’s becoming more and more commonplace for health and fitness to take priority on a girl’s to-do-list. With fitness gyms popping out on every nook, cranny and corner (along with those stellar sales techniques to rope you into purchasing year-long memberships), let’s face it: Singapore’s been hit with the fitness bug.

Nonetheless, I’ve heard much grousing from some of my fast friends regarding their difficulty with their hunt for a good pair of yoga pants, or tight-fitting breathable sports bras. Catering to the majority of the ‘skinny folk’, as they would call it, I found a couple of good online sites catering to plus-sized active wear at Lanebryant, Nordstrom, Women Within and Old Navy.¬†Additionally, you could check out the handy infographic below for some nifty tips and tricks when it comes to purchasing plus-sized workout gear!



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