What do your feet say about you?


There’s really no way around it, so I’ll just come out and say it.

I was born with flat feet.

Yes, ladies and un-gentlemanly gentleman who used to tease me all through my pre-teen years, flat feet. 

What does that mean exactly? Well, other than the fact that you don’t get to wear pretty little stiletto heels or wield the ability to walk into any ole’ store at 313 or your town hero Steve Madden for those adorable pair of black suede kicks due to the fact that I’d probably never be able to squeeze my feet into them, ever, flat feet also make for an awkward balancing issue growing up.

Coupled with the fact that I inherited the gigantic genes that coursed through the Wong family line, I am not only big-boned and tall, but my feet turned out a whopping size 12 (That’s UK Ladies Size 42). Yes, I know that’s pretty overwhelming to take in at first, and until Payless wiggled its way into Singapore malls, there were no buying shoes for me here on this island.

I wasn’t like my petite cousins, who were at liberty to fit their tiny little China doll feet into their ballet shoes, or slip into those plastic Princess heels at Toys-R-Us. I have been ridiculed with names such as ‘Bigfoot’ and ‘Gigantor’ from conceited relatives with a cruel sense of humour, and trust me, growing up as a little girl with these taunts constantly on your mind wasn’t as easy as Barney ever taught.

Nonetheless, I have embraced my big flat feet as part of my personal identity. And hey, no one’s perfect – at least I feel like a midget whenever I’m in America! Great selection of shoes too.


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