Wear Your Tech

In keeping with the recent Digital Fashion Week 2015, the students from National Technological University’s School of Arts, Design and Media have designed and curated their works at the ArtScience Gallery over the weekend.

Fusing fashion and technology, the students were challenged to create a piece that explores current and cultural issues in our surroundings whilst engaging the audiences’ senses and sensibility.

Joining forces with engineers and scientists, the students also delved into understanding how technology is used with our body, and with that creating pieces that aims to excite, inspire and bring light to the issues that they are passionate about.

One of our favorite pieces included Alicia Phua’s Luminarium. Inspired by spores on the folds of fungus, an association to death and decay, Alicia created a shift dress with light-activated curlicues made from kraft paper rotating on a DC motor.


Luminarium by Alicia Phua

Another piece that caught our attention was arise/shine by Stephanie Ng. Drawing inspiration from the ocean, this piece was made out materials such as organza, plastic, LED lights and programed with Arduino Lilypad to symbolize the relationship between one’s perceived inner and outer beauty.


arise/shine by Stephanie Ng

Having touched on programming myself, I think it is fascinating to see your codes coming into fruition and having a tangible product to showcase.

Fashion is slowly giving technology outside of social media an opportunity to collaborate, create and pushing the boundary with idea generation and the highlighting the beauty both has to offer.

With fantastic creations from up-and-coming talents, we might actually be down to embracing wearing our tech.

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