Pick Me Up Monday

Living with an Otaku sibling who’s forever glued to the 9Gag app on her phone has it’s perks. Not to mention I’m dating a living Reddit maniac, his favourite jokes usually siphoned off one of the pages of askreddit, or r/jokes – Needless to say, I’m constantly bombarded by a never-ending stream of corny jokes, r/DadJokes and downright hilarious pictures.


Our topic of the day: Corny pickup lines. And I’m not talking about childish attempts at ‘I know who you are, but what am I?’ stuff, but rather the real mashup of ridiculous one-liners, or what redditors would call ‘Top Scoring Links’.


1. You look gouda nun to eat. (Geddit? How cheesy!)

2. (Holds out hand) Hey, I’m going for a walk. Will you hold this for me?

3. I’m having a sale in my bedroom. My clothes are 100% off.

4. Are you a beaver? Cuz dam.

5. (And for those Harry Potter nerds) My name may not be Luna, but I sure know how to Lovegood!

6. If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute cutecumber.


*rolls eyes*


In other completely unrelated news, it’s Anna Wintour herself that stated that trends are going out of fashion. The Vogue editor in chief mentioned in an interview, quoting that ‘Trend is a dirty word’ – Watch the video here!

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