Benedict Cumberbatch is a dad!

by Laetitia Wong 


Cumby and his leading lady at the Oscars


Read it and weep, ladies. Perhaps the news of the charming 38-year old Sherlock star hasn’t quite sunk in yet, despite having wed his wife Sophie Hunter this Valentine’s Day, but the news is definitely sinking in now – Now, we have proof. A screaming bundle of wailing, pooping proof – It’s a boy!

The news was first to be broken to USA Today and People magazine yesterday. The British couple’s baby son’s name has not been revealed, but we’re betting it’s something adorable. Sherlock sounds like a pretty fitting nickname though, wouldn’t you agree?

Hunter had announced her pregnancy this January, two months after the couple got engaged. She then went on to boldly showcase her growing pregnancy bump in the gorgeous red Levin gown (pictured above), causing global hysteria and making world-wide ‘Cumberbitches’ delve into pints of Ben and Jerry as they bawled their eyes out.

Oh well, Tom Hiddleston ain’t hitched yet. We still have hope.

In the meantime, check out this adorable interview of our beloved Benny on the Graham Morton show. It’s a rerun, for sure, but hey, it’s hilarious nonetheless:

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