Oh, Giselle.



Alright, is it just us? Or is Giselle Bundchen’s Instagram account a little… fake? Her rather picture-perfect snapshots of her and her Quarterback Beau Tom Brady and adorable cherub kiddos are making us snort in derision, bringing to mind the horrendous #Selfie song (popularised last year). Oh, this is definitely giving us horrible acid reflux.

I mean, not to be overly critical or anything, but her pictures are starting to look like something that would graze the cover of a cheesy Monica Burns romance novel – Oh god, here comes the acid reflux.

The Brazilian beauty often captions her pictures with the most ridiculous things, with her clad in nothing but a string bikini, captioning her fun with the words ‘Inspire!’ or something like that – Oh Giselle, the only thing you’re inspiring us with that photo is probably to lay back on the Oreos.

In other news, the 1.78m tall blonde beauty has been the centre of media speculation about her supposed retirement from the runway. Whatever it is, we’re glad to have had her and her bouncy boo… I mean, bouncy hair sauntering down the catwalk. Bon Voyage, Giselle. Our best to the balding Quarterback.

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