10 kick-ass places to visit in 2015

by Laetitia Wong 


From Giza’s breathtaking Great Pyramids to the stunning skyline of New York City come dusk, can you name some of nature’s most stunning phenomenons?


They say seeing is believing, but the world is getting bigger and better. Everyone who’s anyone is becoming a ‘serious traveller’, adding onto their bucket lists and must-see places.


Nonetheless, are there places that are brimming with the urgency to be travelled? Take Venice for example, with the pumping groundwater from beneath the city coupled with the ground’s compaction from centuries of building atop one another, who knows when the famed city would soon be a lost one?


With some of the most magnificent places mandating your immediate attention, here’s a great list to aid in prioritising your travels:


1. Migration in the Masai Mara


We don’t see Timon and Pumba, but we’re putting an African safari up at the top of our to-do lists. Boasting one of the most gorgeous natural scenery plains in the world, these are sights that most would’ve only witnessed on Nat Geo Wild. At the Masai Mara, perch atop a tree if you must, and enjoy the migration of millions (yes millions) of giraffes, zebras and even wildebeests.


2. Fancy a cycle along the Golden Gate Bridge?


What with Disney’s Big Hero 6 having made a few tweaks to one of the world’s most iconic attractions: San Francisco, I bet you didn’t know that bikes are up for rental at the Golden Gate Bridge. While most people aren’t aware that you could cycle across the bridge, it’s a great opportunity of a lifetime. Heck, it’s also a hell of a view.


3. The Grand Budapest


Popularised by the 2014 comedy film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, the Baroque-styled courtyards and heated outdoor pools are a surefire way to unwind and relax. And although you may not find a charming Ralph Fiennes ready to wait on you hand and foot, we can assure you that with the Széchenyi Baths, you’d never want to leave. Psst: Not only are they heated in the winter, but they’re the size of 15 indoor pools right smack in the centre of town.


4. Surfin’ safari


Are you up for a serious wave? These powerful swells may seem intimidating, but they’ve become synonymous to a surfer’s paradise. With sugary beaches, psychedelic coral reefs and coconut-scented rapture in the air, you’ll be having the time of your life in a seventh heaven. What about a visit to Maui or island-hopping to it’s surrounding neighbours? Oh, not to mention that gorgeous sunset.


5. Deserted Islands

High and windy location on Auckland Islands South-west Cape

Camping out on a deserted island may seem terrifying, but there’s truly nothing that beats sleeping under a bed of twinkling stars. With the fresh seafood, tangled forests and island rich with local history, these islands are just craving to be explored. Some of the most beautiful places include The Auckland Islands with it’s windy scenery, as well as the Cocos Island, a hot dive destination for tourists.


6. The Land of Fairy Chimneys


It’s a dreamy slice of central Turkey. The legendary ‘fairy chimneys’ are rock formations from the volcanic eruptions, hardened by the constant wind and rain over the years. These paved the way for real-life hobbits frequenting boutique fairy-chimney hotels in the area. Try living like a Flintstone! You don’t know, you might just like it.


7. Angel Falls


It’s the highest waterfall in the world, with water spilling over for an uninterrupted 979 metres from the Devil’s Canyon. It’s considered one of the world’s most dazzling natural wonders, where visitors are encouraged to take a dip in the pools where the water ends. A popular way to get to the falls is by motorised canoes. But saddle up, as the ride will take you about five hours!


8. Multi-sunset in Greece


If you think the sunset at Lower Pierce Reservoir is beautiful, you truly haven’t lived. Touted as one of the most iconic sunsets, the Greek Island of Santori is best known for it’s red skies and it’s marvellous reflection on the whitewashed houses. For a moment, it all just seems too… magical to be real. And cue the cheesy couples in 3, 2, 1.


9. The Dead Sea


With it being the lowest point on earth, the salinity of the Dead Sea prevents the existence of any life forms in the lake (so quit worrying about the Sharks) and just lay back. It’s like a lounge chair, minus the chair.


10. Spain’s Salamanca

Study Abroad in Salamanca

One of the most underrated cities in the world, Spain’s diverse landscapes lends each city it’s own picture-perfect ambience, and perhaps it’s the country’s long history that enriches the experience, but it’s Zorro gold.
Home to one of the most breathtaking beauties, Salamanca (located in central Spain) is nicknamed “The Golden City” due to it’s 15th-century structure and golden lights.

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