StyleMaker Spotlight

What is a Style Maker?

Some live in heels, others have the the God-like ability to look good in sweatpants. Either way, it’s safe to say that image has always been an important factor in our lives, even before the reign of #OOTDs and social media influencers.

Nothing is ever original under the sun anymore. From reworking vintage looks to learning the art of pairing high street products with market finds, the most priceless commodity to have stashed in your wardrobe is nothing but your own personal style and the confidence to rock it.

We’re excited to share the voices of the people who’ve inspired us through their style, personality, work ethic, and above all, their confidence and tenacity when dealing with life’s day-to-day struggles.

They taught us that looking fashionable is so last season. This time is all about your own personal style. So whether you’re into weaving flower crowns in your hair or embellishing your black blazer with studs, have darker skin or don’t have a double eyelid, we want you to celebrate what is indicative of you.

So what is a Style Maker?


And we want to share the spotlight with you.

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