What your bag-holding technique says about you!

by Laetitia Wong 


If you managed to catch our previous article about the ultimate bag collection, you’d probably have learnt 2 things. One, there is more than one type of bag in the universe, and two, this writer is a huge corndog for thinking that only totes existed till she was 18. Oh woe is me.

Nonetheless, having been in the shopping game (and I mean full-on shop-till-your-boyfriend-nags type, not the daisy la-dee-dah approach to window shopping) for a solid 3 over years now, I can safely say that I’ve seen most shoppers around, including old aunties who yell at you for ‘stealing’ those last pair of Adidas sweat pants, sweaty and cackling girlfriends with their smudged eyeliner and overly red lippies, to squealing girls who go ‘excuse meeeeee!’ while strategically oscillating their tonne-heavy bags into the curve of your spine, making you buckle down in pain as they reach for that last bottle of No.13 Song in D Minor perfume. Yes, they exist.



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