Ultimate Outfit Inspirations: Vacation edition


As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been on the run from Singapore’s hot weather and exploring the lovely countries of Italy, Paris and London in the past 18 days. I know, wanderlust. Envy much? Don’t. We all got sick from the flu and spent most of our time moaning in hotel rooms (and no, not the good kind) and wiping the snot from our noses. Sigh.

Nonetheless, some of the pieces that the inventive Europeans threw on really caught my eye, and I found myself lusting after their wardrobes. On the other hand, this Asian girl and her very Asian family was too busy being wrapped up in Northface coats and Uniqlo Baymax-inspired jackets. Talk about summertime sadness.

Here are some of the prints that we’ve been loving so far, and next time you’re ever on vacation, try these on for size!


1. Jeans are a staple


Be it enjoying the fair weather or having to brave the blistering cold breeze, jeans are an absolute must if you’re to survive all the walkathons that your dad/mom/lovable other half is about to lug you on when touring a new country. Especially if it’s Europe.


2. Leather Jackets


Well, this one’s not a real necessity if you’re a resident of our sunny Lion City here in Singapore, but speaking for those whose native countries include a heat radiator in their living rooms, I can sympathise. Why not opt for a dashing biker jacket, especially when the weather’s cold all year round? It’s the coat-equivalent of a bowl of warm chowder on a freezing day. Plus, we love the smell. Ahhhh…


3. Plain top-jeans combo


Hey, they’re Parisians. What can I say? Effortless style is a birth right! Opt for dark sunnies and a classic black bag for a thoroughly chic look. Also, throw in a hat if boaters are your thing.


4. Classic Sneakers


*wolf whistles* Man, are we fans of this look. Some may coin it the ‘homeless look’, but I beg to differ. I’d like to call it the ‘I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-look-and-threw-this-on-without-blinking’ look. Or something shorter, it’s up to you. Whatever it is, that tousled hair and plain outfit, paired with those trademark Nike sneakers… It’s working for us, with just the right amount of brand that keeps you from being a walking advertisement.


5. The Scarf


Scarfs are definitely commonplace in Europe, especially when the weather gets chillier up North. Thick scarves, thin scarves, scarves with tassels and some with funny-looking boubles that dance around cheerfully whenever the wind blows. As if celebrating and taking delight in our blue-lipped penance. Those cheeky a**holes. Nonetheless, scarves not only help keep warm, but being relatively affordable and available in a variety of colours, styles and patterns, it’s easy to switch up a look with just a toss of the scarf! Check out this handy video, teaching you how to style your scarves in 25 different ways in under 4 and a half minutes! It’s unreal!




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