Trend Report: What we’re looking forward to

by Laetitia Wong 


Well, we can proudly say that we powered through 2014 by playing the tough devil-may-care leading lady (or men). Despite our fervent candor of our attitude towards last year, we are more than delighted as the month of January comes to a close, gearing up for fabulous February.

In short, there are tons of things in store for us for the new month, what with the upcoming breathtaking blockbusters, winning shades of fashion or the dizzying disarray of hair colours and codes. Here are 5 things that we’re looking forward to:


1. Movies

Ah, my personal moving madhouse. Filled with psychedelic colour and emotional gusto, we’ve been impatiently tapping our feet for the much-anticipated space opera, Jupiter Ascending.


Filmed by The Wachowskis, it’s been touted as the next best thing since The Matrix trilogy. Sure, Channing Tatum’s no Neo, but this interplanetary love-war thing is fondly reminiscent of the recent (and wildly famous) Guardians Of The Galaxy, and we’re so psyched to check out the visual effects on this baby.

Working with a budget of US$175 million, this better be good! Fun fact: Mila Kunis replaced her Black Swan co-star Natalie Portman as the leading lady of Jupiter Ascending, having started on the project before being pregnant with her beau Ashton Kutcher’s child. In theatres 5 Feb.

Other movies to look out for: Kingsman: The Secret Service and Fifty Shades of Grey, both hitting box offices on 12 February. Don’t deny it, you’re just dying to see Jamie Dornan’s abs. And hey, just in time for Valentine’s Day!



 2. Paws & Claws


Oh, the iconic X-tina performing her last number in the 2010 film Burlesque. We’re loving that vampy lip and bright pop on her nails!


Think of beauty, and the first thing that comes to mind is face-framing hair that surrounding an oval face, one of a child’s doll. With her crimson-tainted lips are eyes the colour of sea foam, a 1920’s shade of red varnish coats her nails, and she dresses like she just emerged from a flapper party at Gatsby’s. Up-and-coming shades have been embraced as the revolutionising reds, deep block hues, and even unfinished manicures! Check out the picture gallery for more nail envy that we’ve spotted rocking the runway.


❤ Marsala


A classic wine-red hue that matches with virtually everything. Red is robust, and so is a hearty wine, so what are you waiting for?


❤ Impact Colours


Playing with paint can be so fun, so what’s stopping you from testing out a couple of strong shades? Try this on for size: A metallic mani, talk about a designer mani to boot!




Try on some milky pinks to gorgeous rose hues and embrace your feminine side. It’s a lovely month to be romantic, and opting for pale is perfect for those on the shyer side.


❤ Embrace Elegance


Whoever said grey was for grannies need a serious reevaluation and colour crash course pronto. Half-manicures are not only elegant, but the irresistibly muted. One can also opt for cream or light lilac shades for a more feminine touch. 


❤ Unfinished nail art


As children we used to berate ourselves for being completely useless when it came to painting our dominant hands with our weaker ones, ending up with a colouring crayon contest gone wrong on our right hands. Fret not, this year’s trends embrace the chaos, so feel free to get creative (and messy) with your nails! Tip: Try some glittery polishes to hide the mess!


3. Our Main Mane

The best thing about this year’s hair trends is it’s universal theme: Versatility. With an array of different shades and colour combinations, you are free to opt for the hair colour of your choice, even if you made it up in your head or saw it on a magazine! And of course some of us might embrace our natural black roots, but there’s no reason why you can’t test the waters with a little dazzle.


❤ Warm hues

A timeless classic with a celebrity following including Angelina Jolie, Margot Robbie, Jennifer Garner, Cheryl Cole, Ashley Greene and even the very curvaceous Kim K (who went back to her original brunette hue after a bad blonde dyejob before she had her daughter in 2013) Check out the pictures below!


The Wolf of Wall Street sex bomb, Margot Robbie, rocks the dark hues!



X-factor judge Cheryl Cole was seen sporting darker locks before reverting back to her lighter blonde



Having dipped the waters with honey-coloured tones, the Queen of numerous ass-ets (shall we say) eventually reverted to her original chocolate-colour.



Must we say more? Angelina’s perfection, to say the least.


❤ Sayonara ombre

Au Naturale is in, and thanks to the dreadful follicle forecast that the bleached-do brought our scalps last year, balayage is now in. Coupled with a smooth chestnut hues, this Parisian technique is richer and casts darker and lighter tone to the shade of your natural hair in chunky hand drawn strips, giving the look a sophisticated edge. By keeping it messy and unconstructed, balayage imitates the Victoria Secret bombshell look: Sultry and sun kissed.




John Legend’s lady love, Supermodel Chrissy Teigen


Socialite Olivia Palmero


❤ Grey is the new blonde

One of the most common problems amongst women of a certain age (thou shalt not speak the number), is premature greying. Having your hair regularly touched up at the salon or even getting your colour from a box can be extremely harsh on the scalp. Our solution? Stop fighting it and embrace the grey! If you can’t beat em, join em!


And why not take a leaf out of Kelly Osbourne’s book by adding a touch of violet?


Look at that gorgeous grey!


Lady Gaga’s clearly a fan


4. Urban Industrial

It’s been trolling the pages of Tumblr and emerging one of the most popular renovation themes of all time. Popularised by chic Youtubers such as Claire Marshall and Jennim (clothes encounters, their lofts and studio apartments and residences sporting ‘urban scandinavian’ themes, it’s since been a hot favourite amongst most homes. 

Sure, the rough industrial effect may not gel well with some, but here are a couple of homely effects that some have managed to incorporate into their gorgeous living spaces.


Breathtaking, ain’t it?


Oh, we dare to dream.



Brick is a common element in industrial spaces.


5. Death of the fashion faux pas

Crumpler, wallet chains, Beiber hair and faux hawks has to die. 2015 signals a change, and that means you too, boys. Don’t get me wrong, they’re adorable back when you were 7 and a little youngun’, but embracing the retro and giving us the ‘411’ on your audacious 90’s fashion faux pas is a big no-no.

One current trend that we’re loving on the runway is cream-coloured inspiration. From Versace to  Bottega Veneta, and even the sleek Marc Jacobs, cream is making itself commonplace in the fashion industry. Here are some of our favourite pics from the Spring/Summer 2015.


Bottega Veneta Sping/Summer 2015


Corneliani Spring/Summer 2015


Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2015


Versace Spring/Summer 2015

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