Time to up your game, boys

by Laetitia Wong 

Alas, Valentine’s Day is over; The ties swapped out for popped collars, the swanky leather loafers off and replaced by Havianas. Oh, what a world. Akin to seeing Cinderella lose the ballgown and back to her tattered rags, it’s as if the style and panache of our men ended along with the day of romance. How disappointing.

Still, there was a time where our male counterparts didn’t have many options when it came to styling themselves – Nonetheless, with Fred Perry stores and Armani Exchange outlets popping out left right and centre, there can be no excuse made for the ‘unavailability’ in clothing options. And don’t tell us your mom still helps you buy your clothes. God forbid we’ve got ourselves saddled with a Howard Wolowitz.


And so, here are 5 quick fashion tips for him:
(and you ladies out there disgruntled with your man’s apparent lack of style-volution)


1. Always make sure it fits

Being huddled up in a sea of pedestrian at Orchard Road and drenched in sweat may seem like one of the most humiliating experiences known to man, but that’s because you’ve never come face to face (or rather, groin) with a man and his moose knuckles – Credit: His pair of too-tight khaki shorts.

Guys used to don clothes that were too loose for their frame, but in recent times, a new ‘trend’ has started to climb the style ladder, starting with guys and their itsy bitsy teeny weeny shorts.

Rule of thumb: Always ensure that your clothes hug your body comfortably without it being tight – Lord forbid you grace all of Orchard Road with your jiggling man-bits. Please, stop.


Tight, but not too tight. Perfect.


2. K.I.S.S

KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID. There are three basic rules when it comes to styling yourself, lest giving the impression like you were trying too hard. Desperation: Not a good approach.

One, never wear more than 2 pieces of jewellery.
Two, unless you’re in a band, lose the gel and eyeliner.
Three, always keep one of your pieces basic. e.g. A plain shirt coupled with a pop of colour, simple shoes.


Yes boys, this is how you pull off Salmon.


3. Never, ever go shopping alone

Alright let’s be frank here. Sales people are not to be trusted, simply because most of them work for commission or commendation. They’re programmed to be nice to customers, and although that makes for a terrific shopping experience, it’s tough to believe them when they tell you that the hot pink shirt you picked out doesn’t threaten your masculinity.

Shop with a close friend, they’d be more likely to tell you the truth. Even better, rope in your girlfriend on your shopping sprees! After all, she’d be the one ranking you on the sexy scale.


Psst, glasses are always a great option to up that sexy-nerd appeal, if you can pull off that sort of thing.


4. Logos are debatable, brand names even more so

Speaking of logos, don’t be that guy who parades around town with a herculean “Abercrombie and Fitch” logo on his chest. Walking advertisements were so 90’s. Brands are cool, but keep them simple and small. Or maybe opt for something creative, like this:


Plus, it makes for a great conversation starter.


Also, it may get addictive to get swept up in the ongoing fashion trends, but don’t just get something just because it’s the ‘in-thing’. Build up a versatile wardrobe that’s distinctly you. After all, you pick the clothes to fit you, not the other way around.


5. Gilette Fusion, the best a man can get

You may have the best fashion sense in the business, but people tend to check out your face first. (duh) A straggly beard or sparse stray hairs above your upper lip is a definite (read: permanent) lady repeller. The same goes for those brows of yours – They’re called eyebrowS for a reason, not one long continuous strip of eyebrow. #unibrowalert


Now those are some nice brows

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