The Ultimate Bag Vocabulary


Having been sporting a tote since I even knew that it was possible to ditch ugly old canvas ‘Jansport’ school bags in Primary school, I started off the new year in Secondary school with my mother’s favourite Coach tote, a brilliantly coloured pink and purple ‘auntie’ looking thing, somewhat reminiscent of a dying ostrich.

Nonetheless, the glittery beauty not only made me stand out from the hoi polloi crowd of monochrome bags, but it gave me newfound admiration and fondness for large tote bags, which could not only fit all my textbooks, but also had a separate slot for my bulky Nike water bottle.

Regardless, it was due to my overwhelming fondness for large tote bags that I only sported the former for a good 6 years after that. It wasn’t till I was 19 and a clueless first-year in Polytechnic when the trends of tote bags started dissipating, having been replaced by a myriad of other fashionable sacks.

For the clueless wonders out there like myself a couple years back, this is for you:


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