The Crimson Wave (No, not that one)

by Laetitia Wong 


Let’s face it, red’s a tough colour to pull off! The colour comes from a tasteful palate, but not all of us come with the porcelain peaches and cream complexion that Alexa Bedel or Emily Blunt so deviously has in order to handle the bold shade.

Nonetheless, colour psychology has found that there are a couple of shades of red that warps the mind, and is perhaps the most manipulative colour there is. Not only does it influence everything and anyone around you, but it has a certain ‘hold’ on both your working and love life. Associated with energy, power, passion and desire, how does one colour do all of that? Nobody knows, but we embrace it all the same.

Some elegant examples of red shades that we’re loving this season is Carmine, Vermillion, Amaranth and the classic Burgundy. These colours are inherently fascinating, and despite being related to the colour symbolising magic in the old times, there is a more pressing upcoming event that the colour beholds: Chinese New Year.

Without further ado, here are some creative outfit ideas for this year’s Ang Pao collection route.
(Oh, don’t deny it. You and I both know that’s the only thing you’re in for!)


1. Dressy Boho-Chic


Now, this is a dress that’s both flirty and fun. With both straps off the shoulders, pair it with your favourite nude strapless and perhaps throw on some silver jewellery to spice up the outfit with a boho-touch. Our fashion inspiration? Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Whoever said red was for the elderly?


2. Classy for Cocktails


Oh, this backless jumpsuit speaks volumes. Not only does the bottom pantsuit convey elegance and sophistication, but the daring cutout at the back takes the outfit to a whole new level with it’s raw sexual spiciness. Bun your hair up for more sophistication, or let it down and spritz it with some sea salt spray for some sexy messy bedhead.


3. Simplicity


Here’s a simple yet adorable outfit for Chinese New Year. Although, we’d highly advise you to go with another less see-through top to keep Grandma’s blood pressure level under control. Nonetheless, we’re loving the ‘Where’s Waldo’ inspired striped pants from the 60’s. Paired with a set of red flats, not only are you Singapore-weather appropriate, but walking is no biggie. You’re good to go!


4. Hot Red


We have to admit being enraptured by these delectable cat-eye sunnies more than her vermillion spandex-looking sundress. True, the dress is bunched up into an adorable bow at the front (hint: time to bring out that strapless bra once more), but it’s the strong sunnies-game that bring the spiciness to the table for this one! Try sleeking your hair back for a more cool-girl look, or style it in beachy waves for a more laid-back vibe.


5. Casual Karma


Another simple outfit, minimal accessories – Sticking to the black sunnies and white top with monochrome accents, this outfit look put together with that ruffled-isn side braid and of course, that giant leopard-printed tote. The wine-coloured tight-fitting bottoms just work with the splash of print from the tote – Nonetheless, opt for a lower heel if you’d be hopping from one place to another. Those heels may be pretty, but blisters certainly aren’t!

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