Sunnies for the win

by Laetitia Wong


In an image-driven world where we are constantly under the magnifying glass and close inspection for any and all blemishes and flaws, a pair of right sunnies give you a wee semblance of staying anonymous. Although come to think of it, who was Batman trying to fool?

And sure, we’re no Batman zooming about Gotham trying to apprehend Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ice gun, there’s nothing wrong with throwing on a pair of frames and rocking them out in the sun. And hey, Singapore’s constant sweltering weather lends a great excuse to purchase those silver-trimmed cat-eyes you’ve been eying since last Christmas. (Cough, Catherine Deneuve, cough)


Don’t get us wrong, not all of us are savants for the cat-eye, some of us prefer the round Beatles, oversized rectangular monochrome shades, kooky partial sunnies and even the legendary Oliver Goldsmith’s, a special favourite of the sprightly Miss Holly Golightly.


Having the right classics can frame your face that no haircut will, and finding the right pair can take some time. But hey, like everything, if you’re willing to spend the time and fork out the money for it, finding those sunnies are practically synonymous with fashion victory. As our favourite little green man once said: Do, or do not. There is no try.


Ever wonder what were the right sunnies for you face shape? Look no further.



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