Style Inspiration: Selena Gomez

by Laetitia Wong 


From Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place to larger acting roles in Monte Carlo and controversial indie film Spring Project, the talented 22-year old is no stranger from the limelight. Nonetheless, Gomez has been the media’s favourite over the past few weeks, with nasty speculation of her recent weight gain.

Here’s a recent photo of Gomez on the cover of V Magazine, and another one of her on holiday:


Hello, dolly!


Gomez letting her hair back and unwinding amongst the waves



But still, we’ve always been fans of Gomez’s style. She’s fun, chic and her outfits are always on point. Here’s what we love about this brunette beauty:

1.  She makes hoodies look cute


Seriously though, hoodies aren’t cute. It’s amazing how she made the look seem wearable. Girls: don’t try this at home without your best friend (or mom) around for some strong criticism.


2. Skin-tight halter tops


Seriously though, that top cannot be cuter on her. Curve-hugging and sultry as hell, throw your hair back for a polished look.


3. Black pleather skirts


Animal lover as well as fashionista. Those adorable cut outs at the hem of her skirt? We’re in love!


4. Rocking the goldfish dress on the runway


Elegant at the back, fun and flirty in the front. You can opt for a more casual look by reducing the length difference between the front and the back – heels optional.


5. Who ever said summer looks were strictly for summer?


Throw on a structured blazer to give your revealing outfit a little more glam and coverage.

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