Plus-sized model Tess Holiday pushes the boundaries of fashion

by Laetitia Wong 



She’s tattooed with iconic sex symbols such as Marilyn Monroe, Mae West and Dolly Parton, and widely known for her catchphrase “Eff your beauty standards”. And she isn’t wrong.

The self-professed feminist represents the evolving face of the fashion industry, and has been coined by fashionistas all over the world as a “body positive” activist. The largest model to be signed to a mainstream modelling agency, Milk Management, Holiday was named by Vogue Italia as one of the top six plus-sized models in the world.

Her 2013 #effyourbeautystandards movement on Instagram was huge, showcasing all types of women of every shape and size, advocating that women did not have to be a certain size to love their body, and that size should never dictate one’s fashion choices. With almost close to a million Facebook likes at 859 thousand Instagram followers, her self-started Instagram movement has now become a global sensation, with millions of responses online backing her call for a better understanding of body image issues.

It’s about time the fashion world took a good hard look at themselves and the unrealistic beauty ideals that they’ve been advocating over the past decades. What do you think?

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