Phone cases: Our favourites of the moment!

By Laetitia Wong 


If you’re a Samsung user like myself, you’d understand how hard it is to scour the island for unique one-of-a-kind phone cases that make you stand out from the crowd. It’s iPhone 6 this and 6 Plus there… Oh, it’s becoming increasingly hard to be hipster these days, with the term having been filtered and chopped up into some mainstream blend of the term.


Oh woe is me.


Currently wielding a white and grey bumper that matches my Samsung S5 rather well, I’ve been scrolling through sites like Carousell, Tumblr and Pinterest for some inspiration when it comes to designing my own phone case. Truth be told, I’m disappointed. Akin to the art in this little country of mine, the phone cases available are not only run-of-the-mill, but rather unimaginative and lacking, to say the least.


These phone cases are on my current birthday wish list, not only are the utterly adorable, but the design of these darlings settle in somewhere along the border of adorable and geeky. Check it out!


1. Imma white girl



2. Steampunk


3. Diet Smiet


4. Baymax!


5. Couple phonecases anyone?


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