Parisian street-chic – And why we’re loving it

by Laetitia Wong 


It is the metropolis of fashion in our growing global society, so it comes as no surprise that this chic city comes with a variety of fashion-centric ladies with their trench coats and on-style trends. Damn, we’re jealous. And while these Parisians are indeed superior with their high-society fashion furs and their sophistication, there’s no reason why we can’t mimic the classic pieces of these debonaires with their couture customs.


Here are a couple of looks we’re loving, they’re timeless, elegant and artistic, it’s no wonder Paris is touted as the hub of all that is elite and stylish.


1. The classic blazer-jeans look



2. All-black ensembles



3. Whoever knew high-waisted bellbottoms were back in style?



4. Trenchcoats in Singapore? Well, although our weather doesn’t permit such style, you can always try.



5. A tailored suit-style for women



6. Over-sized anything.

They look like PJ bottoms, but style it up with a classic trenchcoat, loving the light-dark dynamics.



7. Slashed black jeans and high boots.

Ah, finally something that us Singaporeans can adapt. Just ensure that those slashes are artfully placed, and not too high! We’re a Singaporean Sorority, not a Ho-rority.


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