Our top nail polish picks for the month!

by Laetitia Wong 


Having mentioned a nail favourite of ours in a recent article of ours, we’re still going out of our minds with the obvious lack of nail creativity. Ladies, you feel me – Remember those ‘uhhhh’ moments at the nail salon when your manicurist prompts you for your nail colour? Yep, we’ve all been there. What with our once-strong relationship with the bold block of colour lacking in piquancy and zest, we miss the bite-impact of our once statement-making nails.

There only are a couple of choices we can make, and with limited colours and hue variation, we’re officially stumped. Having tried on almost every shade on the colour wheel, (except hot pink. That’s reserved for you, mom!) what we’re searching for is a little pizzazz, sprinkled with a little verve and packing in a whole lot of punch.

Check out these nail ideas on for size!


1. Half-moon manicures

First spotted on the runway at the New York iFashion week in 2013, we thought half-moon manicures was a mere passing fad. Much to our delight, the interest in these painted poppies haven’t waned, but instead having made an incredible comeback this Spring/Summer 2015 with brands such as Delpozo.


Rachel Roy’s signature half moon manicure


Why not try a funkier version of the half-moon manicure? Try two pops of colour, the contrasting tones will illuminate the half-moon shape and give it a ‘swoop’ finish


Hey, if it’s good enough for the queen of vintage, it’s good enough for us.


Spruce up your nail colour with a slim strip of glitter – Bedazzle away!


2. Single lines

It’s pretty self-explanatory – With the single lines and clean minimalistic effort, these nails scream ‘chic’, and the general effect of these are both elegant and minimalistic.





3. Rodarte-styled nails

This denim-washed nail look was created by renowned Sally Hansen manicurist. You can recreate the look by painting your nail the colour of your choice, and removing the polish, all but your cuticles. Not the best idea for you neat freaks!




4. Blair Waldorf Nails

She’s the bitch of Upper West Side, but you’ve gotta admit, that girl’s got class. She’s known for her baby pink paws, and with that immaculate air of perfection. Still, how is it that Blair Waldorf, aka the backstabbing whiner baby and Ed Westwick’s on-screen lover (much to our OTP delight), manages to pull off such an innocent colour, despite her conniving character? Who cares? It’s gorgeous.




Try some pastel blue tips to add a pop of colour. Pastel never runs out of style.


5. Simplistic nail art

Say goodbye to over-blinged, over-made, glittery, dangly, S$200 manicures and embrace the modern manner that is basic nail art. 


Here’s a tip: Instead of going out of your way to purchase expensive nail dotting tools, try using the end of a bobby pin instead. Way more wallet-friendly, and it does the job!


These pay homage to 80’s graphic paint styles, citing inspiration from blue-grey robin eggs.


For those with niftier thumbs, try this one on for size! I’ve gotta admit, I’m loving the dash of lemon!


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