“Nude” fashion stirring up controversy online

by Laetitia Wong 


So we’ve known for ages that nude has kind of becoming a big thing. A big white girl thing. Celebrities on the red carpet making their oh-so awe-inspiring debut walk with those floor-length gowns and a complexion that only Gods would possess.

From nude heels to Swarovski-studded cling-wrap dresses, nude has even been around for longer; Nude undergarments and even stick-on pasties and g-strings? Oh, a girl’s best friend.

And to be frank, I’ve always thought of these ‘nude’ items as aiding my self esteem. Having formerly sent a silent prayer up to God for helping me hide the shadow of what would’ve been black underwear shining through my white dress like a lighthouse in the dark, I thanked him for having created nude underwear.

But sadly, this nude privilege is lost on some of us. Just check out the Buzzed video below:



Naturally, with the nude look not translating well for Black women or women of a darker skin tone, it is natural that some might feel left out. Sure, we’d all love a classic Angelina Jolie Louboutin heel, but these designers sure only had the majority in mind when they pulled out their pen and fancy sketchpads!

So I guess a little ‘redefinition’ is called into question. Nude was formerly the colour used to describe the ability of looking like you had ‘nothing on’. Perhaps changing it to ‘looking like you had a white person’s complexion’ would be a more accurate.

Here’s some food for thought.

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