No money, no worries.

by Laetitia Wong 

We could look all look like bun-heads with our specs shoved onto our acne-cream covered skin, but the moment we step out of the house, we girls treat it like a runway shoot; Sashay, Shantay!

Nonetheless, how are we to look our best with the style ambitions of a celebrity but without the budget? Well, here are a few tips to aid you in looking good, even if you were living on a budget’s the size of a hamster.


1. Basics are everything


Although it may seem money well spent on colour-blocking dresses filled with artistic patterns and lace of the latest designs, it would be much wiser to invest in a couple of plain black trousers, a little black dress, white tops and a classic pair of jeans. Besides, Parisian chic will always be in.


2. Bottle dyes are your best friend


Always dye your own hair. Not only will it cost a mere fraction as it would if you’d had gotten it done professionally. Opt for a permanent colour e.g. Loreal as compared to semi-temporary hair dyes like Liese Bubble hair dye – Hey, they cost the same, just saying.


3. Olive Oil


They cost about 4 dollars at the local beauty store, and do a way better job at deep conditioning your hair. Our tip: Try heating it up in a little dish before applying it to your hair. Hot oil treatments are getting increasingly popular due to it’s affordability and accessibility. Add in a couple of your favourite essential oils for that extra punch!


4. Spot treatments


You don’t need that 33 dollar Kiehl’s acne treatment. Try this one on for size: Victoria Secret Angel Adriana Lima stated in an interview that she uses a dab of minty toothpaste to do away with any blemishes. We’ve tried it, and we’re loving it! Just a word of caution: More doesn’t equate merrier! Any excess of the paste can cause severe skin irritation due to it’s high acidity levels.


5. Vaseline


Celebrity fans include J-Lo, Victoria Beckham and Lily Adridge, who claim that Vaseline has replaced some of their most expensive moisturisers. Great as a makeup remover substitute, it is even a universal fixer for those with dry skin. Just remember to cover up well, because the stuff’s sticky!

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