Harry Potter: The new coffee saga

by Laetitia Wong 


It’s been 8 years since the last book of the Harry Potter series was released, and only 4 since the end of Potterheads’ favourite film franchise ended. I am one such instance of  a millennial baby who literally grew up alongside Harry, Hermione and Ron.

Having spent my Primary school days poring over my tattered copy of the Philosopher’s Stone, (tattered due to the parental enforced regulations of Potter books having to be shared fairly between my sister and I) to nursing a broken heart by poring over Umbridge and the Order of the Phoenix.

Having conjured up much evocation and playing a huge part of my life while growing up, it only makes sense that Harry Potter be one of the key elements of my (impending) adulthood. From the adorable to the downright quirky, here are a couple of coffee mugs that we’re definitely scribbling down on our Christmas wish lists. (Hey, we’re all kids at heart.)


1. The stag



2. Severus snape and lily potter 



3. the weasley twins



4. professor trelawney



5. and for the rest of us…



6. he-she mugs



7. our favourite keeper


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