Granny hair is a real thing

by Laetitia Wong 


So apparently, there’s been an uprising of young women around the world ditching their natural locks for a look that’s been around since.. well.. forever.

Except it’s sported by 70-year olds.

But hey, be it sufferance of the copycat syndrome or just an act of rebellion, this gray hair trend is a definite head-turner and looks great on folks be it young or old.

Note: A little tip though, if you’re gonna be going grey, make sure you aren’t bleaching your hair yourself, and visit a professional instead. Patchiness can be evidently spotted especially amongst those with lighter hair, so you’re gonna have to be real careful about that.

Oh, and we’ve done an extra step of homework for you. Here’s a handy infographic when it comes to dyeing your hair grey; just in case you decide to take the plunge.


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