Finding the right colours for you

by Laetitia Wong 


Sure, we all aren’t as patient (or as fortunate) as Alicia Silverspoon in Clueless as to prepare our daily outfits of the day (Lol, that impossible technology back in the 90’s), but finding the right colours to match your skin tone isn’t all that it’s cut out to be.

Surprisingly enough, I’ve always been blessed with fair skin that seemed to match anything I wore,¬†with the exception of yellow. Be it having my mom’s superstition rub off on me or plain disregard for having a putrid pee-shade against my skin, I’ve never fancied yellow.

Nonetheless, I never knew that there were a multitude of people who weren’t as blessed as I was in picking out their ‘favourite colours’ to wear for the day. Sure, black’s always a safe option (though it’s not always slimming, contrary to popular belief), but there’s something about having a little colour in your life to spruce your day up.



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