Drastic hair, don’t care

by Laetitia Wong


Celebrities are known for their hair chameleon-ways. And we’re not just talking about Lady Gaga, folks. We’re talking full out one day red pixie and the other long blonde extensions. Hey, even Rapunzel would be jealous

But if you’re ever thinking of changing up your style, be it hair, makeup or overall look – Head down for a consultation with our very own homebrand fashionista Kyla Tan. She’s the epitome of passion and panache; and hey, she’d even be able to tell you her experience from rocking the brunette waves back in 11′ to her current bad boy pixie cut in honey blonde. Don’t be shy, all you have to do is ask.

Here are some of the best and boldest looks of 2015 that we’re loving, not just because of it’s wide array of versatility, but rather because these are in lieu of our June anthem: The bolder, the better. 

It ain’t all a piece of cake, (although we’d suggest you skipping that last slice if you’re going to fit into those sexy crop tops of yours) given that repeated hair dye sessions and rounds of bleach can really damage those luscious locks of yours. But hey, a girl can always dream.

Photo credits: Cosmopolitan.com/au

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