A comprehensive guides to silhouetting

by Laetitia Wong 

My best friend and I were at our local Starbucks, as usual, playing our favourite game: Criticising people and their clothes, as we chanced upon a stunning pan-Asian girl with eyes the colour of green pastures and a head of hair like liquid silk.

Nonetheless, she was draped in what seemed to be a large oversized purple gunnysack with a thin black belt (obviously a futile attempt to give the dress-sack thing some semblance of shape) – We lamented over the irony of life, having someone that beautiful hidden under ugly layers of clothes that didn’t even fit her well to begin with.

Hence, (and I do hope she’s reading this somewhere) we present the comprehensive guide to silhouetting! From summer dresses to ballgowns, evening dresses to wedding gowns, these tips are universal, and we beg you (especially you, the pretty gunny sack girl) to follow suit.


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