Disney Hair Dilemmas

by Laetitia Wong



As a child, all I wanted to do was to emulate the gorgeous flowing locks that Disney Princesses were so naturally born, or rather drawn, with. Talk about hair envy.


Nonetheless, as I grew up, I started looking at Disney princesses in a whole other light – The more I scrutinised their appearances, the more something felt wrong about them. (No, it’s not jealousy.) Their macro waists, their incredibly gravity defying hair dyed in all vibrant shades of the spectrum… It all looked a little too unrealistic.


Having been a Tumblr troll for quite some time, I was amused when Loryn Brantz, a staff illustrator at Buzzfeed, criticised that Disney Princesses had hair that was simply too strange for a human person to have, so she took matters into her own hands and drew them as she saw fit. And trust me, her hilarious material’s incredibly relatable. Girls, heads up.


1. Girls at the pool, you get me

grid-cell-553-1422331681-0 grid-cell-553-1422331683-3


2.  Lipgloss is sticky, don’t ever forget that

grid-cell-6412-1422332077-7 grid-cell-6412-1422332077-10


3. Bed head is real, but not always pretty

grid-cell-31734-1422331729-6 grid-cell-31734-1422331730-9


4. Static problems

grid-cell-6696-1422331799-19 grid-cell-6696-1422331800-22


5. That ice blonde colour a natural? No way.

grid-cell-15920-1422331908-6 grid-cell-15920-1422331909-9


6. Length to volume ratio

grid-cell-30667-1422331946-2 grid-cell-30667-1422331947-5


7. Our hair in the wind: How it actually behaves

grid-cell-13835-1422331974-18 grid-cell-13835-1422331975-21


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