5 Astounding home decor items we’re lusting over

by Laetitia Wong 


Ikea’s getting a whole lotta boring. Of course, sacrificing your wallet for something a little less mainstream and a little more upscale (cough Crate and Barrel) is definitely going to hurt a lot more than paying for a S$199 Malm dressing table from our favourite Swedish store.

Still, it’s never a bad time for spring-cleaning, or switching up the look of your bathroom/household. Also, it’s gotta be a whole lotta satisfying for those OCD-stricken people out there, like myself.

Check out these gorgeous babies we’ve been going completely gaga over recently, they’re to die for! The best thing is, most of them are a DIY business!


1. Glow in the dark cobblestones


These glow in the dark tiles contain a phosphorescent chemical in them recharges in normal daylight conditions.

2. Silverware


Silverware is not only a tasteful addition to the decor, but it simply matches with any kind of household furniture, especially velvet! Try some candles on the silverware for a moonlight touch.


3. Library Alcove


Oh god, we’re definitely lusting over this one. Talk about the library in Beauty and the Beast!


4. A porch swing


Perfect for those with a patio, this porch swing is especially adorable. Suspended from the ceiling, it’s the perfect epitome of a ‘Summertime Swing’.


5. Pebbled pathway


This pebbled pathway separates the grass from the wooden floorboards. Tip: Try lacing the white pebbles with strings of Christmas lights for a nice touch come night time.



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