Edgy style takes over Men’s Fashion Week

by Laetitia Wong


New York Men’s Fashion Week wrapped things up this year with a slew of billowy bottoms, jumpsuits, geometric-like crumples and wear that adhered to a neo-grunge type look, according to the fashion press.

But with the finale of the runways for this season, are men actually going to be sporting these… eclectic prints? Or will these designs be just another thing that Perez Hilton and his fan club would wear? We’re not entirely sure that our local Singaporean men will be taking to the look anytime soon, due to a combination of our incredibly merciless weather along with the hefty price tag that comes with the label.

Nonetheless, there are some like fashionista Fern Mallis, who reportedly loved the collection, labelling it as ‘incredible’. However, she was honest in an interview where she admitted that she wasn’t sure if anyone would be wearing it at all. “Because it’s very edgy,” she said, “and I don’t want to say ‘metrosexual’ or ‘gay’ clothes, but it’s really a whole other genre of dressing.”

What do you think? Great stuff?

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