The Puggerpillar is real

by Laetitia Wong 


My bestie and I were on our usual coffee blab-sess at the local Starbucks, when the subject made a strange segue and landed onto the subject of dogs in Singapore. C, my gal pal, remarked candidly that she’s been noticing a lot more people in Singapore, especially in the central area, sporting their all-new trend: Pugs.


They’re the new Adidas, the flashy (or rather, pudgy) bling bling – Most people aren’t seen without them, and more women are opting for these squashy-faces as their canine companions as compared to other dogs. (Remember the Shih Tzu craze in 2004? That is no more.)


Enter the age of the pug.


Nonetheless, C made a sudden remark that I (as a self-professed pug-lover) piqued my irritation, where I immediately felt a strong rush to yank her hair off her scalp. C went: “Pugs are weird looking, and not in a good way. They’re so ugly and fat, plus they make a gross wheezy sound when they breathe. I don’t see how they are trendy because people are just following what’s popular and I think that’s really shallow.”


Oh C, where do I even begin to prove her wrong? These are 5 simple reasons why pugs are absolutely adorable.


1. They look like fat bundles of rolled up joy when you wrap them like popiah




 2. They are expert photobombers. Take that, Benedict Cumberbatch!




3. They embrace green activists’ top anathema: Bubblewrap.




4. They’re sassy all dolled up




5. They look absolutely majestic with those double chins

column_dog-picture-photo-goofy-pug-face BvVrXwbCAAAlEuO.jpg-large






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