TGIF: Queen of the Clouds

by Laetitia Wong 



It’s the weekend! And what better than a couple of café hits for you to listen to while you sink back at Starbucks attempting to work on that project that’s been bugging you for the longest time?

Not speaking from personal experience, a complete and utter 100% fictional account. Sort of.

Anywho, have you checked out the Queen of the Clouds Tove Lo? The 27-year old Swedish Indie/Synthpop singer-songwriter is an absolute delight to listen to. Dubbed as the saddest girl in Sweden due to the personal nature of her songs, her songs will definitely ricochet you to into a state of Wanderlust. Check out some of her summer tunes here.


Her best-selling hit, having achieved 134 million views on YouTube, titled Habits, speaks of her experience with breakups, something that I believe most people can relate to. Tell us what you think, and have a great weekend up ahead of you!

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