Spurge Fest


Even though we’re halfway through March and supposedly saving up for something greater along the way (especially since the Great Singapore Sale will be approaching soon), we’re making excuses to strike out a couple of items off out wish list.

We’re all lusting over something, here are our top 5 items that we’re currently coveting. (Excuse the puddle of drool)


1. Under Armour’s Women’s UA Perfect Printed Zipped Legging in Magenta Shock

The yoga-inspired garment not only shows off our curves, but the light-weight material fits like a glove and is neither too loose nor too tight. The last thing we’d want is to look like a bulging ham at Christmas.

We’re loving the super soft airbrush finish on the leggings, complete with the hidden waist pocket to stash some spare cash.


2. Crate and Barrel’s Osborn Four-Poster Bed


Did someone say Harry Potter? All that’s missing is the Gryffindor house flag. Slightly elevated, the rich teak provides a warm, homely framework. One could either drape it with netting or wispy curtains for a fairytale finish, or a patterned fabric for a more natural earthy feel.


3. Pandora’s primrose silver charm with zubic zirconia and light pink enamel

 Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 11.30.06 am

It’s adorable and pink, it’s rosy hue a definitely feminine touch. Classy and opulent, its elegant symbolism makes for a perfect piece of timeless jewellery.


4. The Original Beauty Box’s Deluxe Box


Made of lucite acrylic, it’s similar to a Muji box, but is designed specifically to hold makeup. With the shallower drawers accommodating thin lip glosses and eyeshadow palettes, the deeper drawers provide enough space for taller and chunkier pieces such as compact powders and blushers.


5. Lush’s Dark Angels facial cleanser

dark angels 2-500x500It may be on the pricier side, but we’re loving the soft black texture of Dark Angels! Starting out as with a crumblier texture, something like soft cookies, add a few drops of water to turn it into a mud-like texture and massage it onto your face. Made from ingredients like organic avocado oil and antimicrobial rhassoul mud, it’ll be keeping our blemishes at bay!



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