Remembering Lee Kuan Yew


Upon waking up to my mother’s death cries this morning whilst wielding her cellphone in one hand and tissues in the other, this could only mean one thing: The passing of our founding father.

While the nation mourns one of the greatest minds of Singapore’s history, various social media such as MediaCorp, SPH and Yahoo have blacked out their social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram as they pay tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew as part of a 7-day mourning ritual. I mean, it was only just that my father pointed out that all Singaporean radio channels were on a classical playlist loop. In addition, major Singaporean brands such as Singapore Airlines, Singtel and DBS have grayscaled their logos in remembrance of our founding father.

Sigh, he was one of greats. Rest in peace, Sir. Your country loves you, and thanks you for your pivotal guidance in moulding us for the people we are today.

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