Fun for Fall: Playful yet Professional

“Fashion is never wrong.”
― Malcolm McLaren

Fun in Fall

Striking a balance between the appropriate attire for school or work versus wearing what you actually want to wear whilst keeping up with the trend is definite a tough day to day decision to juggle. Understandingly, it’s definitely easy to subconsciously create a work uniform for yourself consisting of the same nude pumps, shift dress and blazer combination.

While we love and believe that every wardrobe needs its own variation of go-to staples such as aforementioned nude pumps, and a well-fitted shift dress and blazer, we believe that sometimes, reinventing your ensemble doesn’t require too much effort or change.

The easiest way to keep up with any trend or to switch up your usual ensemble is to incorporate colour. PANTONE recently unveiled its top ten hues for Fall 2015. We are expecting to see a lot of colour this fall, and switching up our basics for something more earthy and vibrant like orange or neutral like greens.

Investing in one bold, colour article of clothing is an cheap and foolproof investment. The bold can opt to pair a bright coloured blouse with a printed pair of pants, while the shy can easily pair with a slim-fitting pair of black trousers.

If you are still apprehensive on investing in a show-stopping piece of apparel, another way to incorporate and test drive a colour is to start small with accessories and makeup.

Fun in Fall

Opt for an interesting shade of green for your next manicure or a introduce a pop of colour into your ensemble with a chic, sleek tote. Add depth to your ensemble with minute but nonetheless captivating flashes of colour through jewellery, such as watches, rings or earrings.

Staying on trend has never been any easier.

What do you think of our take on PANTONE’s Fall 2015 colour report? Don’t forget to share your comments!


View the full PANTONE Fall 2015 colour report here and our take on it here

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