Outfit Repeater

There’s a shade of red
for every woman.
– Audrey Hepburn

Festivities and preparations for Lunar New Year is in full swing. If you haven’t prepared a parent-approved yet #OOTD-worthy outfit or planning to do some last minute shopping, here are some tips of the trade when styling and purchasing your new CNY wardrobe additions.



Whether you’re shopping on the high street or digging through items at a flea market, one of the things when buying clothes in that it should always fit you properly.

Look for pieces that fit well and accentuate your shape. Darts can be added at the back of a dress to give it more shape and structure. Hemlines can be shorten a few inches so that it cuts you at the right places.

Befriend your tailor and explore what can or cannot be altered.  This will save you time and money in future shopping sprees because it eliminates having to return pieces that doesn’t fit well or purchasing something that doesn’t fit right.

However, if time is running short, here are some areas to focus on:



A too tight bust is not only unsightly, but is also incredibly uncomfortable. The festive season should be about having fun and spending time with your loved ones, not worrying about having to breathe!


Depending on the style, a collar has enough space for you move and sits right where it should is one easy step to ensuring you don’t look sloppy.


Sleeves are easier to hide. You can roll them up to your elbows for a more casual approach or fold them inwards to your wrist for something a little more sleek.



Sales are in abundance this season and the sale pile is a treasure trove of goodies.

It’s tempting to gravitate towards the pieces that are sparkly, unique or in dressier fabrics. Often times, they’re also a lot pricier. While we advocate investing in a couple of statement pieces, it’s also a bit off-putting spending a sum of money on something you would only wear once.




Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean something is tacky or of low-quality. In fact, part of the thrill in styling is mixing and matching what you own; your higher-end pieces with your lower-end ones and creating your own unique look in the process.

Be wary of the pieces with fabrics that might be itchy and scratchy, such as wool or acrylic knits.


For proper garment care, hand wash at 27 deg C with unicorn tears followed by three rounds of dry cleaning.

There are a few evening dresses that I love but rarely wear them, not because the occasion doesn’t present itself, but the maintenance is an absolute chore. While you shouldn’t pass up on a wonderful piece of apparel, but bear in mind these hidden costs that you should consider as well.


The festive season is a great time to try out different trends and styles you may not be willing to try on a day-to-day occasion, but don’t let your last-minute shopping and styling spree turn into a disaster! What will you be wearing this Lunar New Year?


Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year! 

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