Madonna’s daughter a chip of the old block

by Laetitia Wong 


Remember the granny hair trend? (Check out the article we wrote here!) Since A-listers like Cara Delevigne and Orange is the New Black actress Dascha Polanco was seen sporting these new grey-dos, the trend caused massive waves in the fashion world, what with its unique shade and controversial colour contrasting beautifully against all skin tones, making the fair look fairer (much to Snow White’s distaste) and bringing that glow out of that brand new spray-on tan.

Well, it seems that Madonna’s very own 19-year old has taken up the granny hair trend readily, sporting her very own silvery locks (time to touch up those roots, Lourdes!) while dressed in an 80s-inspired look. A translucent band-tee matched perfectly with a pair of stone-washed Guess jeans, it seems like she’s been taking some style advice from mommy Madonna.

PS: We’re loving those chunky brown boots. It’s not easy to pull those kicks off, without risking looking like a construction worker, especially here in Singapore.

Nonetheless, if you’re ever tired of pairing the usual band tee-jeans combo, here’s a way to make that look more feminine. (And we’re not talking about floral headbands. Coachella was eons ago.)



Throw on a skirt along with some matching accessories – Spice up the look by throwing on some wedges instead of Converses for a more feminine VS edgy look.


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