Holiday Gift Guide: One of the Boys

Dressing well is a
form of good manners.

It’s the last few weeks into the new year and a couple days away from Christmas. The festive season is in full swing and there’s nothing we’re eagerly anticipating more right now than good food and the company of our loved ones.

Aside from polite formalities and empty small talk, we’re sure most of us are hoping to rebuild some of the bridges burned and catch up with the people we did not manage to keep in close contact with throughout the year. This week, we’ve curated a list on our take on the best gifts for the gentlemen in our lives.

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They’re probably one of the few people we show our appreciation to. So whether they’re a man of few words or the constant life of the party, the festive is the best time to show how much we value the strong, funny and sometimes weird male figures in our lives.

Boy Toy

He knows you at the back of his hand. He was by your side at your best of times and seen you when you were at your worst self. In turn, you know his favorite foods and you’ve probably made it to his best friend’s contact list.


We love the idea of wearing your heart on your sleeve, and we can literally achieve that effect with Sensibar’s custom bracelets. Each custom bracelet is handmade aluminum which is said to be tarnish-free and rust resistant.

Silver means it is not fussy and will work with your boyfriend’s day-to-day styling. The details are incredibly sweet and personal, minute but still quite strong in message.

Writer’s Notes:
I ordered this a while back for a girl pal’s birthday of mine. The Sensibar team was so helpful and sweet. Loved and was thoroughly impressed with the product and left the birthday party that day solidifying my role as the #1 gift-giver of the year.


Father & Son

The festive season is one of the best times to settle down and appreciate each other’s company. Everyone is busy running around and it’s sometimes quite tough to get everyone together.

Sultans of Shave

If you’re looking for an excuse opportunity to get both your brother and dad to dress up and look sharp for the occasion, Sultans of Shave has a cool Father & Son package featuring a basic haircut and a deluxe shave experience for two.

Promising a luxe and tailored experience, this is perfect opportunity for your brother and dad to spend some quality time together, especially if they have not had the chance to do so in a while.

Daddy Daycare

Running from meetings to meetings and constantly fixing up something broken or needs repair in the house, finding the perfect gift for the best man in your life sounds like incredibly impossible feat.

Gnome and Bow

We believe a new set of accessories would be a perfect gift for your dad this year. We love pairing Gnome & Bow‘s FIR CARDSLEEVE and LINDEN COIN BILLFOLD wallet in Oxblood together as a great gift set for dad. As a personal touch, you can also opt to get your dad’s initial monogrammed on both products.


Brotherly Love

As the years pass by, no matter how old they are, our brother’s have an uncanny way of annoying us and getting under our skin over the most trivial matters. Nonetheless, growing up wouldn’t be the same without them.

The Shirt Bar

We love The Shirt Bar‘s quirky cufflinks. A cute and jazzy alternative to normal, classic pairs, these cufflinks not only adds a bit of personal flair to pull together the entire ensemble, it is definitely a piece that works for the young man starting his first corporate job or the resident boss of the boardroom.

We are certain you can find a pair that perfectly describes your brother from The Shirt Bar!


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