Holiday Gift Guide: Femme Fatale

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As the year slowly comes to a close, we’re out to celebrate the end of another chapter in our lives. While we bask in our triumphs and reflect on the failures that we’ve encountered over these twelve months, we want to show our appreciation for the supporting characters in our lives that stayed by our side throughout.

Gift-giving is hard, especially for the people you love. You want to show how much you love them, but you’ve also exhausted every possible option. Step away from the Victoria’s Secret gift set, we’ve extended our holiday gift guide and picked the things we are lusting after and we’re almost certain your female contemporaries are too!


Mum’s The Word

Fed you, clothed you and dealt with you all your life. How do you show your appreciation for the most important female figure in your life?

Well, we don’t really have a good answer for that, but we’re sure mum would love a really good cashmere scarf from Ayesha. Based in Singapore, we love the incredible range of scarves that Ayesha offers.


Colourful and stylish, we can foresee ourselves “borrowing” this from mum one too many times to add a cool splash of colour to our outfit before running out the door.

We’re (not so) sure she wouldn’t mind.



The pesky sibling you didn’t ask for.

Whether older or younger, your sister is the one you will argue over who ate the last cookie, who’s turn it is to wash the plates after dinner or who should have the last word.

Chances are, she’s also the one you will ask for advice on how to successfully ask the class cutiepie out or if the job offer sounds way too good to be true.


A cross between a safe haven for all your dirty little secrets and a walking megaphone ready to spill all your embarrassing stories, we can think of nothing better for your sister than Shophouse Sixtyfive.

Made in and inspired by our sunny homeland, Shophouse Sixtyfive is a local artisanal beauty brand that believes that

Everyday should be a celebration of our past, our culture and heritage.

- Shophouse Sixtyfive

With quirky products that are inspired by local hawker fare such Kiss Me Kueh Lip Scrub or Coffeeshop Kopi-O Lip Balm, Shophouse Sixtyfive definitely promises to be a fun, perfect little gift.

We’ve already ordered our set of lip balms and we can’t wait for them to arrive!


Best Friend Forever


Your WhatsApp chat history alone would most likely be longer than the chapter on the Cold War in your history textbook. She’s the rock that reminded you that you can accomplish absolutely anything and gives you the green light to send that text to your eye candy.

Foundry and Co is one of the best places to shop for your bestie for life. Whether she’s into simple pieces or sparkly baubles, Foundry and Co has an impeccable range of accessories to suit a wide array of styles.

Our current lust-worthy item is the matching Cube Marble Ring and Dioscuri Marbled Chain Necklace. Sleek and incredibly Instagram-worthy.



She’s the girl that has beauty guru after beauty tutorials after beauty reviews all on her YouTube homepage alone and can probably tell tell the difference between a MAC cosmetic dupe and the real deal without even batting an eyelid.

The beauty guru or MUA (makeup artist) of the group is arguably one of the trickier person to shop for. Yes, you know she likes adores makeup, but she already has a mini Sephora counter at home. Buying her a product she already owns sounds boring, and you know that handbag you bought for her wouldn’t see the light of day as opposed to that super luxe unicorn hair blusher brush.

Handmade Heroes

Give your MUA buddy a break from all the chemicals and parabens found in most commercial cosmetics with Handmade Heroes cosmetics. All natural skin care company based and handcrafted in Singapore, we are dying to give it a try. Additional bonus points for their relatively affordable price point.

Completely vegan and cruelty free with an interesting range of scents and ingredients, Handmade Heroes is definitely a wonderful gift and treat for the MUA.


Need more inspiration? Read our previous gift guide here.

What do you think of our gift guide? The final set will be out soon! Don’t forget to share and comment!

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