Halloween Treats: Diva Fantastica Costumes

by Laetitia Wong

Between the sexy nurse, the sleazy police warden and dressing up in that incredibly juvenile onesie as a last option, we admit it – We’ve been running out of Halloween costume ideas for some time now.

What to do, what to do?

Hey, never fear, your very own Stylemakers are here. And what better costume to prance to a party to than a very own DIY?

And trust me, these ideas require a little more (or less) than half a brain cell to complete. Idiot proof (but probably not waterproof), you might want to try these ideas on for size. Trust us, you’ll be thanking us for the comfy yet incredibly easy costumes that’ll allow you to keep that comfortable bra on and prevent any possible embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions (cough visible panty line cough) from happening at one of the biggest nights of the year.

Well, to the dead, at least. Check them out!



Channel some Alex into that Clockwork Orange-themed costume you’ve got going on. Some falsies on the bottom and pop on a black bowler hat and you’re good to go!


The artistic born can put their creative skills to good use for this one. Fancy going as Lady Gaga’s Art Pop album? We do! It’s creative, adorable, and requires minimum costume planning, just a ton of makeup remover. The key thing is to have fun: After all, you live for the applause.


Oh Lorde-y, we’re liking this one. Give us some messy hair and some bohemian braids and we’re about to rock the queen of Alternative.


Double-buns and a teddy bear. Need we say more? Oh right, and don’t forget to stick out your tongue, that might help attract some Robin Thickes to your area.


He’s the ever-charming nasty lover, so why not dress up as Prince? You can show the rest of the party a great time, and a *muah muah muah muah muah* kiss.


Dressing up as the frosty Queen of Arendelle isn’t all that hard. A fancy braid, glam eyes and a blue dress is all you need. Tadaa! Except well… Don’t go shooting ice shards at people. Avoid a lawsuit, if possible, and have fun!


There is no one like Regina George, and there’s nothing easier than dressing as her for Halloween. Purple splotches on the girls? Check. Oh, and for extra credit, try blaring Blondie’s One Way Or Another while making your grand entrance into the party.


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