Hair: Did you know?

by Laetitia Wong

We found this interesting infographic trolling around the net the other day. Here are some other fun facts about hair that you didn’t know!


Cool Hair Fun Facts!

  1. Did you know that the anticipation of sex makes your hair grow faster?
  1. Each strand of hair contains 14 different elements, including traces of gold. It really gives the tale of Rumplestiltskin a whole new meaning, huh?
  1. You shed about 16km of hair each year
  1. People are usually judged based on their hair colour, according to a survey by personal-care brand Clairol. According to their results, blondes are deemed as ditzy and flirty, while brunettes are intellectual and generally serious. Redheads on the other hand, are perceived to be strong independent women
  1. Cross sections of hair has been used by morgue technicians to determine the race and ethnic origin of a person. Asians have round shaped hair, while Europeans have oval shaped hair. African people have flat hair.
  1. An average male spends 5 months of his life shaving
  1. In the Renaissance age in Venice, women used to dye their hair blonde using horse urine.
  1. Ever look at Renaissance sculptures? Ever notice how they had huge foreheads? Well, it was fashionable for women in that era to pluck their hairline to give them a higher forehead.
  1. An average woman spends about S$780 on styling products alone.
  1. On contrary to bleached popular beliefs, only 2 percent of the world are born with natural blonde hair.

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